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Shaun Roberts

David Roberts

Sales - Stoke Canon

Simon Roberts

Sales - Stoke Canon

Matt Westcott

Service - Stoke Canon

Mike Price

Andy Down

Parts - Stoke Canon

Steve Cann

After Sales Technician

Stoke Cannon &

Coads Green

Dave Pellow

Sales - Coads Green

Viv Searle

Service - Coads Green 

Nick Hooper

 Steve Cole

Parts - Coads Green 

Shaun Roberts

Business secretary &


01392 841322

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RSM Beares Stoke Canon

Exeter , Devon, EX5 4EU


RSM Beares Coads Green

Coads Green, Cornwall, PL15 7LY

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Stoke Canon - 01392 841322

Coads Green - 01566 782100

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